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06 June 2017

First patient transplanted under new urgent and superurgent lung allocation scheme

These new schemes have been introduced to help make sure patients who are in most need of the donor lungs are prioritised.

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28 March 2017

Tables turned on football funnyman Jimmy Bullard …by 11-year-old kidney recipient

Former footballer, turned pundit and manager, Jimmy Bullard is used to tackling tricky questions around the game, which for some is matter of life and death. But he had the tables turned on him when a child who has had a kidney transplant grilled him not just on football, but a real matter of life and death - organ donation.

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09 March 2017

Waiting time to kidney transplant down 18% but shortage of donors still costing lives

The waiting time to a kidney transplant has dropped by 18% over the past five years, NHS Blood and Transplant has announced, to mark World Kidney Day, Thursday March 9.

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01 March 2017

NHS initiative drives blood and organ donation in Hillingdon

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Blood and Transplant are working together to promote organ and blood donation to people throughout Hillingdon.

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07 February 2017

Would you give a kidney, rather than your heart, this Valentine’s Day?

A new campaign launched today by NHS Blood and Transplant and partner charity, Give a Kidney, calls on people across the UK to consider transforming lives by donating a kidney to someone in need, be they a stranger, friend or loved one.

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25 December 2016

We hope people have been inspired by Phil Mitchell’s transplant in EastEnders

This Christmas Day, Phil Mitchell in EastEnders has received a transplant from an anonymous deceased donor

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23 December 2016

How I helped EastEnders - blog by liver patient Monira Khanom

The hardest part of my liver failing was telling my children.

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21 December 2016

Parents share heartfelt letter honouring baby son who gave life through organ donation

The parents of a Kenyan-American baby boy who became the UK’s youngest lung donor have written a heartfelt letter honouring their son and sharing their experience as parents of an organ donor

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06 December 2016

Faffing can be fatal, loafing can be lethal

Public urged: What are you waiting for - take a few minutes this Christmas to join the NHS Organ Donor Register

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07 November 2016

Funding announced to encourage living donation within BAME communities

A new Living Transplant Initiative, funded by NHS Blood and Transplant and led by the National BAME Transplant Alliance, is now open for submissions.

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