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What can you donate?

There are many different types of donation that will greatly enhance or save the life of the person who receives the transplanted organ or tissue:

A small number of people across the UK have also donated limbs after their death to transform someone’s life. This type of transplant is very rare and requires the family to explicitly consent to this type of donation. 

Living donation

Most donation takes places after death, but it is also possible to donate whilst you are alive.

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How to become a donor

There are two important steps you need to take:

  1. Join the NHS Organ Donor Register
  2. Tell your family and friends that you have joined the register and want to be a donor so they can support your decision, as their support is needed for donation to go ahead

Everyone can join the NHS Organ Donor Register regardless of age, as long as they:

  • are legally capable of making the decision
  • live in the UK.


Further information

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