Donating your kidney

Cael gwybodaeth yn y Gymraeg

Kidneys are the most commonly donated organs by living people, and about a third of all kidney transplants carried out in the UK are from living donors.

In the UK living kidney transplants have been performed since 1960 and currently around 1,100 such operations are performed each year, with a very high success rate. A kidney transplant can transform the life of someone with kidney disease.

Interested in becoming a living kidney donor?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Watch the Transplant TV films
  2. Browse the information below to find out more about what is involved
  3. Register your interest using the links provided

Become a living kidney donor

If you are not a suitable 'match' for someone you wish to donate to, it may be possible for you to join a sharing scheme and be matched with another donor recipient pair in the same situation and for the donor kidneys to be 'exchanged' or 'swapped'.

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