How to talk about organ donation

It doesn't matter how you start talking about organ donation, but it's really important that you do.

Whatever your organ donation decision, your family will always be asked for their support.

Your family can override your decision if they aren't sure what you want, so leave them certain.

Tips to get you started

Try to keep an open mind and expect a positive conversation. Follow our handy tips to help you. 


Take your time. Approach it like you would a normal conversation. Perhaps chat over a cup of tea or when you’re out for a walk together. Start gently. 

Be honest 

It's important you're as open with each other as you can be, and that you try to understand each other's thinking. Remember, you don't have to agree!

Seek guidance

Faith and culture play a big part in how people feel about organ donation. Get advice about organ donation and your beliefs or speak with your faith leader. 

Use prompts

Download one of our organ donor cards or read through some powerful organ donation stories. Use these as prompts to start talking if it helps. 

Go for it!

If you’re always promising yourself that you’ll bring it up another time... well, now is the time!

Have you registered your decision?

The best way to ensure your organ donation decision is supported is to register it on the NHS Organ Donor Register and talk to your loved ones.

You can opt in or out of organ donation, and can change your decision at any time.

Thanks to everyone who has already registered their decision and had a conversation with those closest to them.

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