How to talk about organ donation



Although the law around organ donation has changed to an opt out system in many parts of the UK, your family will still be consulted if organ donation is a possibility. 

Your loved ones can overturn your decision if they aren't sure what you want, so make sure you leave them certain.

Follow these simple steps to get your conversation started.

1. Get the facts

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Read up about organ donation on our website before you start.

2. Find a talking pointTwo people chat on the sofa

Try talking about something you've seen in the news or on social media, if it helps. 

3. Relax

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Have your chat over a cup of tea, or when spending time together. 

4. Speak from the heart

Be as honest and open as you can be, and listen to each other. You don't have to agree!

5. Talk about your beliefs

Whatever your faith or beliefs, make them part of the conversation. Get helpful advice from our website, or speak to your faith leader.

6. Grab the moment

Don't put it off until tomorrow. If it seems like the right time, go for it! Get the whole family involved.

We'll get you started

Here are some links to help you follow the steps above. 

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