Share your experience

Have you or someone close to you donated their organs or tissues or received a transplant? Are you or someone you love waiting for an organ?

Your story could help to inspire and encourage people to donate.

Personal stories that show what it’s like waiting for an organ and how a transplant can change lives are extremely powerful. So are stories of organ and tissue donation told by families who are proud that their loved one has saved and transformed lives.

Real stories of donation and transplant can encourage people to become organ and tissue donors.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please email your contact details and a brief summary of your story to

We’ll then get in touch.

Using your story

Before we use your story to promote organ donation and transplant, we will contact you and check you are happy to proceed. It will be impossible to withdraw your story once we share it online.

Read our short guide sharing your story to promote donation to find out more about the various ways you could work with us to share your story.

Donors and recipients' stories and experiences

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