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Rescale Jackie -Doyle Price.png
24 October 2018

Health minister to work with MPs to stamp out organ shortages in BAME communities

Jackie Doyle Price calls on MPs to champion organ donation in their constituencies and challenge perceived risks and myths.

Benjamin Bates after his transplant.jpg
11 October 2018

Cornea donation plea on World Sight Day

NHS Blood and Transplant reveals this World Sight Day (October 11) that its eye banks are 19% below the level needed to supply hospitals and are asking people to think about donating their corneas.

08 October 2018

Call for black donors to join the growing numbers saving lives giving blood and organs this Black History Month

This Black History Month NHS Blood and Transplant is urging black people to join the rising numbers saving lives in their community by registering as blood and organ donors.

Patrick McCann in hospital .jpg
28 September 2018

Patients with certain bloods group wait much longer for heart transplants

People with Group O blood wait longer for a heart transplant than those with other blood groups, according to data from NHS Blood and Transplant.

Laura Beattie.JPG
08 September 2018

Lung transplant waiting list up 46% in five years as donors get older

The number of people waiting for a lung transplant has risen by 46% over the past five years, NHS Blood and Transplant has warned.

Kerrie and Harry .JPG
06 September 2018

Parents less likely to donate child’s organs, new figures show

New figures show parents are significantly less likely to donate their child’s organs for lifesaving transplants, which limits the number of organs available for children on the transplant waiting list.

NHSBT Organ donor card 2018 new pink version.jpg
05 September 2018

Survey reveals only a minority of black and Asian people in England are prepared to donate

Almost a third of black and Asian people in England are unsure about donating their organs for lifesaving transplants after their death according to new research by NHS Blood and Transplant.

04 September 2018

Interactive map shows proportion of population signed up to donate across the UK

New map shows the proportion of people who have registered as organ donors and the number of people waiting for a transplant across different areas across the UK.

Gareth Evans in Wythenshaw Hospital 2018.jpg
03 September 2018

Longest waiting heart transplant patient in UK supports ‘no complacency’ call

NHS Blood and Transplant is urging people to talk during Organ Donation Week (September 3 to 9) and not show a ‘fatal complacency’ as figures show around 3,000 lifesaving transplants were missed in the last year because families said no to donating their relative’s organs.

Belfast City Hall - ODW 2017.jpg
16 August 2018

Help us go pink for Organ Donation Week

Going pink could be easier than you think. Find all the details you need here to get behind this campaign and help us light up the skyline during Organ Donation Week.

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