How to discuss my decision

You may be one of the millions of people who have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register already. If you're still thinking about it, the form only takes two minutes, and you can register as a donor here.

Once you've registered, there’s just one more important step in the process:

  • Please tell your family that you want to be an organ donor, making your decision clear.

Many people don’t realise that their family’s support is needed for organ donation to go ahead.

If you've never talked to your family about your decision to be a donor, they will not know you want to save lives.

A few words can make an extraordinary difference

We know it can be difficult to start a conversation about organ donation within families. But which scenario would you prefer in the event of your death?

a) Your family are left guessing what you would have wanted. 
b) Because you never talked about it, your family are so surprised to find that you have registered as an organ donor that they find it hard to support your decision to donate.
c) Your family know you wanted to be an organ donor and remember the conversations you have had about it.

Every year, organs go to waste because relatives aren't sure what their loved one wanted. If more people join the NHS Organ Donor Register and talk to their families, more lives will be saved, as more families will agree to support their loved one’s decision to donate.

So please talk it over

It doesn't matter how you begin to talk about organ donation to your family. It's just really important that you do.

  • Check out our tips and amazing personal stories.
  • Tell your family how you feel about organ donation today.

3 tips to start a conversation

Try using a newspaper, TV story or social media post you've seen.

Explain how donating your organs and tissues will improve, or even save lives.

Tell them how you arrived at the decision to donate your organs.