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How to discuss your decision

Many people don’t realise that their family’s support is needed for organ donation to go ahead. If you've never talked to your family about your decision to be a donor, they will not know you want to save lives.

Talking about organ donation

Talk about your decision with family and friendsBefore you can become an organ donor, the medical team caring for you will always ask your family to confirm that you wanted to donate. Every year, organs go to waste because relatives aren't sure what their loved one wanted.

Don't leave your family guessing. Discuss your organ donation decision now to save lives in the future. It doesn't matter how you begin to talk about organ donation to your family. It's just really important that you do.

Five points to consider

  • Organ donation saves lives but there is a shortage of donors. You can make an extraordinary difference
  • One donor can save or transform up to nine lives
  • Patients are dying while organs are going to waste
  • Even if your organs can’t be used, you could still help others by donating sight
  • You could leave your family feeling proud that you saved lives


3 tips to start a conversation

Try using a newspaper, TV story or social media post you've seen.

Explain how donating your organs and tissues will improve, or even save lives.

Tell them how you arrived at the decision to donate your organs.