Sadia, kidney recipient

Seven years ago Sadia was diagnosed with a kidney condition. The decline in her health led to her leaving her job as a primary school teacher.

Sadia, smilingShe undertook dialysis sessions for eight hours a day seven days a week and talks of how tiring and restrictive the process was. Sadia says:

“My child was in front of me, sitting on the bed, and I couldn’t play with him. That was the hardest thing ever.”

She was on dialysis for nine months and the transplant waiting list for a year before she got the kidney transplant she needed, thanks to a donor.

She says: “I am very, very grateful to my donor. I’ve got my life back!”

Since receiving her transplant Sadia has become a mother again to a “miracle baby”.

She is keen to raise awareness of the need for more organ donors from an Asian background.

“It does affect us; it does affect our community. You are more likely to have a match if someone is from your own ethnicity.”

Please watch and share Sadia’s film below. 

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