Sophie's story

Sophie, from Llandeilo in South Wales, had been struggling with complications caused by diabetes for years before receiving a pancreas transplant.

Sophie, smiling at an archery event

Sophie struggled with life-threatening emergencies caused by diabetes from the age of ten. It was eventually agreed that the only viable treatment option was a pancreas transplant.

Sophie, from Llandeilo in Wales, spent much of her time as a teenager in hospital before finally receiving her transplant at the age of 18. Her transplant gave her a new lease of life; allowing her to go to university and complete a master’s degree.

Sophie recently won two gold medals at the British Transplant Games, and got married during Organ Donation Week! She now works for Whizz-Kidz; a charity which supports young wheelchair users. 

Sadly, Sophie’s transplant failed after four years and Sophie now has diabetes once again. However, in those four years new treatments have become available and these are helping her to manage her condition.

Sophie said: "Having a pancreas transplant saved my life by giving me the time I needed for new treatments to become available, and I will be eternally grateful to my donor and their family."

Life is the most precious gift of all.

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