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Hilaria, kidney transplant recipient

Hilaria became unwell at the age of 35 after suffering a miscarriage. Her condition quickly deteriorated to septicaemia, then multiple organ failure.

HilariaRemarkably, the same circumstances occurred again two years later. She was later diagnosed with kidney disease.

She was told that a kidney transplant was the only way her condition would improve, though a shortage of donors from the black community meant that she had a long wait. She was advised she could be on the transplant list for up to ten years.

Hilaria said: “I look back at the kind of person I was and I look at what I became afterwards. I was a shadow of myself.”

Hilaria received a transplant after a six year wait.

“When I got the call it was like a miracle. I could not believe I’d got the kidney. I just wanted to burst into song, and sing!”

Hear more of Hilaria’s remarkable story below.