Freddie, liver transplant recipient

Four-year-old Freddie from Yorkshire, received a liver transplant in 2015.

ImageFreddie's mum said: “The worst of the diagnosis was, and still is, I can’t make Freddie better."

"As a mummy you can always kiss every fall, cut, bruise and make it better. This is all I wanted to do."

"Not having that as an option was hard… The wait for the transplant was absolute torture. I had totally underestimated how bad it would make me and his dad feel and the emotions we would run into."

"I thought about it morning, noon and night. I anticipated the whole thing and every single scenario.”

“The person who is responsible for Freddie’s gift left a legacy they will never have the honour of knowing about."

"Freddie’s organ donor. Our hero. Until you are a family waiting for a donor you can never understand the importance of signing the organ donation register. It might be one of those things you think you’ll do another time. If you, your child or anyone close to you ever needs an organ, you’ll know the desperation felt by families on the transplant list.”

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