Emily, liver transplant recipient

Emily, 6, received a lifesaving liver transplant after nearly dying from liver failure caused by the genetic conditions Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and Alagille Syndrome. Mum Jane said:

Image“Emily is blooming in every way since her transplant.

“I really do pinch myself every morning when she bounds in and shouts 'good morning'. She has a passion for life! She does the tango and the cha cha to Strictly Come Dancing and she has just been an Elf in the school Christmas play.

“One of the hardest aspects of life on the transplant list is knowing that many people are also waiting for that precious gift too. I found it incredibly tough as many became our friends whilst we waited in hospital with Emily. Sadly, we have many more friends still waiting, some have not made it this year which is devastating. The past six months haven't been good. We need more donors, full stop.

“I find it strange this time of year, everyone running around looking for that 'perfect gift' for a loved one. There is nothing more incredible than the gift of organ donation; life.

“I doubt you will find a recipient (or their family) who will not treasure, nurture, care, respect and love this incredible gift to the day they die more than any present.

“When I think of all the precious, funny, joyous and chaotic moments we've had with Emily, it takes my breath away that someone, somewhere has given our daughter all this and so much more. I could never thank the family and her donor enough.

“I just wish more people would join the NHS Organ Donation Register.”

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