Cissy, heart and kidney transplant recipient

18-year-old Cissy from Surrey received a heart from a deceased donor when she was 10 and a kidney from her mum, Jo, at the age of 12.

Cissy and her mum, JoShe was born with a congenital heart defect and had surgery as a baby and a toddler, before it became clear that she would need a transplant when her heart started to slow down and not function properly. Cissy said:

“I can never express in words how much they have given to me."

“They haven’t just given me a heart; they have given me a life. They’ve given me time with family and friends, the ability to go out and study and do what I want to do, and just live and make memories.”

Cissy’s kidneys also suffered as a result of the illness and never repaired sufficiently after the heart transplant, leading to her second transplant procedure just two years on from her first.

Fortunately, her mum, Jo, proved to be a perfect match and on the day the London Olympics launched Cissy received her mum’s kidney.

Cissy says she will be forever grateful to her mum and the lengths she went to to help.

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