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People who have benefitted from receiving a transplant


Wendy and Richard, heart and lung transplant recipients

Having both received life-saving transplants, Wendy and Richard met at the British Transplant Games in 2016 and fell in love.


Freddie, liver transplant recipient

Four-year-old Freddie from Yorkshire received a live-changing liver transplant in 2015.


Sheeba, kidney and liver transplant recipient

Sheeba went into kidney failure due to a genetic condition before having a combined kidney and liver transplant.


Rich, liver transplant recipient

Rich, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, ended up in a coma when his liver failed for unknown reasons. He was close to death but thankfully with around 24 hours left to live, the hospital got the call needed to save his life.


Adam, kidney transplant recipient

Adam spent three years on dialysis before getting his transplant in March 2013.


Emma, liver transplant recipient

Emma is back to work teaching after having a liver transplant.


Joyce, lung transplant recipient

Joyce's scarring on the lungs left her needing a lung transplant.


Rhys, heart transplant recipient

Eleven-year-old Rhys nearly died when he suffered a heart attack while suffering from cardiomyopathy.


Sejal, kidney transplant recipient

When Sejal was diagnosed with kidney failure, her husband and brother were both tested as matches but neither was a good match.


Sophie, pancreas transplant recipient

Whilst waiting for a pancreas, Sophie spent much of her time as a teenager in hospital. She finally received her transplant at the age of 18 and is doing really well.