What are the restrictions?

We can only use your organs and tissue with your consent.  To give us your consent, you should:

Putting your name on the NHS Organ Donor Register makes it easier for us to know your decision and your relatives to follow them.

If your decision is not clear, we will ask the person closest to you what they think you wanted. You should make sure they know your views on donation.

Other restrictions

Organs from some people may carry a risk of transmitting an infection or cancer.

You cannot become a donor if you have Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).

Organs from deceased donors with some current and past cancers may be safely used, with surgeons balancing the risk of using an organ against the risk of a patient dying waiting for a transplant.

Find out more about your eligibility as an organ donor.


We cannot use your organs and tissue for medical or scientific research without permission from your family.

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