Own your decision

There are a lot of things you wouldn't let your family choose, so why leave them to make an organ donation decision for you?

This page explains how the opt out system works and what you need to do if you are under 18.

The opt out system

There is now an opt out system in place for organ donation in England.

This works on the understanding that everyone over the age of 18 agrees to become an organ donor when they die, unless they have made it known they do not wish to donate, or are in one of the excluded groups.

What you can do before you're 18

If you are under 18 you can still decide whether or not you want to become an organ donor.

You can register your organ donation decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register at any age, and can change or update your decision at any time.

Talk to your loved ones

Your family will always be involved if organ donation is a possibility.

If they don't know your organ donation decision, they could be left to make a decision on your behalf. 

By registering your decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register and talking to your loved ones, you can leave them certain about what you want. 

Don't just think your decision. Own it. 

A big thank you to everyone who has recorded their organ donation decision so far.

Do you know what you want?

Black teenage girl leaning forward and smiling

"I know what I want."

Great! Now it's time to:

White teenage boy smiling

"I need time to decide."

Black teenage boy with headphones smiling confidently

"I've already registered."

That's amazing! Don't forget to:

White teenage girl looking bored

"I'm not interested!"

Hey, we all have those days.

But this is all about you. If you want your wishes to be respected, you need to own your decision!

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