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Welcome to the Register. Now tell your family

Registering your decision is a great start, but your family will still be involved when the time comes, so it’s important you make sure they know what you want.

What happens now?

  • We will add your details and decision to the NHS Organ Donor Register
  • You should now talk to your family, and make sure they know what you want

Tips to help you start the conversation with family and friends

Step 1

Find the right time to talk. Perhaps in the car or while sharing the washing up.  

Step 2

Explain that you have registered your decision to become an organ donor.

Step 3

Tell them how you arrived at your decision, and how donating your organs and tissues could improve or even save lives.

Start the conversation with the people that matter to you

Share a message, story or video to help raise awareness

Want to give more?

Why not sign up to give blood? Do something amazing and become a blood donor too.

It's quick and easy to sign up online and book an appointment. We always need new donors.

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