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You've opted out. Now please talk to your family

Your family will always be involved in any conversation about organ donation, even if you have opted out. They can provide confirmation about your decision but can’t do this if they aren’t sure what you want. So, leave them certain.

Tips to help you talk to your loved ones about organ donation

Tip 1 - Relax

Take your time. Approach it like you would a normal conversation. Perhaps chat over a cup of tea or when you’re out for a walk together. Start gently.  

Tip 2 - Use prompts

Use our pages to find out some key information that you can use to help the conversation. Or you might have some advice from your faith leader that you want to share.

Tip 3 - Be open

Tell them how you arrived at your decision, and why you don’t want to be a donor. Remember they don’t have to agree with you, it’s your choice.

Start the conversation with the people that matter to you

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