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Yuri, lung transplant recipient

Londoner Yuri, 47, had a lung transplant in 2014 after a series of infections had caused damage to his lungs.


He needed to be attached to an oxygen tank 24 hours a day seven days a week and after repeated lung collapses doctors advised that a lung transplant was the only way his life could be saved and improved. 

Yuri waited three and a half years for a transplant and is now able to do much more than he could before. Yuri said:

“Life keeps throwing things at me and for some reason or another I’m still standing!"

“I had my partner and daughter with me after the transplant and they just kept talking to me and repeating: you’ve had your transplant, you’ve made it, you’re ok.

“I think they must have said it about 100 times before I kind of realised.”

Watch and share Yuri’s story below.