Yuri's story

Londoner Yuri owes his life to an organ donor.

Yuri needed to be attached to an oxygen tank 24/7 after a series of infections had caused damage to his lungs.

He waited three and a half years for a transplant and is now able to do much more than he could before.

Without a lung transplant Yuri wouldn't have lived to see his daughter grow up.

If nothing else happened in my life now, knowing that I got my daughter to this stage means absolutely the world

Every day across the UK, someone dies waiting for an organ transplant.

The law around organ donation in England has changed to help more people pass on more organs to save and improve more lives like Yuri's.

You still have a choice if you want to be an organ donor when you die.

Whatever you decide, make sure you let your family and friends know.

Have you registered your organ donation decision?

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