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Angie and Erika, united by organ donation

Angie and Erika are united by organ donation, though in very differing circumstances.

Angie and ErikaAngie is the mother of Justin, who died aged 21. Justin was on the NHS Organ Donor Register and had shared his decision to be an organ donor with his family.

He became an organ donor, helping five people.

Erika is the mother of Kristof who was born with a very rare genetic condition, leading to liver failure.

He became unwell around his third birthday and his family were told he needed a liver transplant.

Kristof’s life was saved by Justin’s liver. Erika says:

“It was an overwhelming feeling of mixed emotions because we knew that someone, who didn’t even know us, had made the most difficult decision of their lives."

"At the same time, we were very excited for Kristof.”

Speaking about Justin’s decision to be an organ donor Angie says: “I feel really proud as a mum. So, so proud.”

Angie sent a photograph of Justin to all of his recipients, which Erika responded to. While it is very rare for donor families and recipients to meet, both families now meet on a regular basis.

Watch the story of their recent meeting below.