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People who have benefitted from receiving a transplant


Max, heart transplant recipient and campaigner

Max, received a lifesaving heart transplant in August 2017 aged nine. He became a key voice in raising awareness of the need for more families to consent to organ donation.


Jessica, kidney transplant recipient

Jessica, 30, from London was diagnosed with type one diabetes aged 13. She's had a kidney transplant and knows she will need a pancreas transplant in future.


Angie and Erika, united by organ donation

Angie and Erika are united by organ donation, though in very differing circumstances.


Sadia, kidney recipient

Seven years ago Sadia was diagnosed with a kidney condition. The decline in her health led to her leaving her job as a primary school teacher.

Michael Willis

Michael, lung transplant recipient

In 2016, Michael Willis was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a rare lung condition that causes small patches of red and swollen tissue to develop in the organs of the body. He was left needing a double lung transplant to be able to live.


Hilaria, kidney transplant recipient

Hilaria became unwell at the age of 35 after suffering a miscarriage. Her condition quickly deteriorated to septicaemia, then multiple organ failure.


Cissy, heart and kidney transplant recipient

18-year-old Cissy from Surrey received a heart from a deceased donor when she was 10 and a kidney from her mum, Jo, at the age of 12.


Yuri, lung transplant recipient

Londoner Yuri, 47, had a lung transplant in 2014 after a series of infections had caused damage to his lungs.

Laura & Noah.jpg

Laura, cornea transplant recipient

Laura knows first hand what is has been like to receive the gift of sight when she had two cornea transplants to restore her eyes. Now she can see her son Noah, and work, and live a normal life thanks to eye donation.


Emily, liver transplant recipient

Emily received a lifesaving liver transplant after nearly dying from liver failure caused by the genetic conditions Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and Alagille Syndrome.