Rakhi's story

Rakhi is waiting for a life-changing kidney transplant.

6 November 2019

Rakhi is waiting for a kidney transplant. She is aware that finding a match from someone in her own ethnic community can be very hard as the subject is quite a taboo.

For Rakhi and others waiting, receiving a kidney transplant will transform her life, and will allow her to do normal day-to-day things that she currently can’t do.

There are so many people waiting for kidney donors, heart transplants, lung transplants and it’s so important to save people’s lives. It is a waiting game, I am always waiting for that call to come through

Every day across the UK, someone dies waiting for an organ transplant.

The law around organ donation in England has changed to help more people pass on more organs to save and improve more lives like Rakhi's.

You still have a choice if you want to be an organ donor when you die.

Whatever you decide, make sure you let your family and friends know.

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