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Anaya, in desperate need of a kidney transplant

Anaya was born prematurely with a disease that led to her having two enlarged kidneys, an abnormal liver, underdeveloped lungs and damage to her heart.

Anaya plays with toys at homeAnaya’s oversized kidneys were removed soon after birth weighing a total of 1.5kgs.

Living without kidneys means Anaya requires a gruelling regime of 10-12 hours of dialysis every single day to keep her alive.

Her mum, Joety, says: “Anaya is one little miracle.

“She is getting into her own little personality now.”

Anaya’s best chance for a transplant might well come from a living donor. A healthy person can lead a normal life with only one functioning kidney and therefore they are able to donate the other to help someone in need of a kidney transplant.

Anaya in her pushchairAnaya’s Asian heritage means it is likely that the best chance of finding a suitable transplant match will be from a donor of the same heritage and yet, the family are painfully aware that Asian people and families are less likely to agree to donation.

Anaya’s family have dedicated their time to educating people about the importance of organ donation and how to become a living donor.

Joety says: “We might never get a call…..and that’s really hard for us to accept.”