Darren's story

Darren Ferguson is a kidney transplant recipient with an incredible story of survival.

Aged just 37 Darren has had five kidney transplants, with his last one coming from a living donor, his friend Lee. 

That transplant occurred seven years ago and remarkably is the longest that Darren has ever had a kidney after being born with chronic renal failure.

Darren was told at the time of his last transplant that he would no longer be suitable for a transplant from a deceased donor and that his only hope was a donation from a living donor.

Darren said: “At the time I thought it was crazy, you know, you don’t just go to somebody and say ‘can I have your kidney?’”

Fortunately, that’s where his friend Lee stepped in to help. Darren says Lee was adamant he wanted to help as his wife had recently died and he wanted something positive to focus on.

This is the story of how living kidney donation bonded two friends forever and how Darren fought the odds to survive.

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