Chloe, received a kidney from a relative

A Wilms tumour meant both Chloe's kidneys had to be removed

20 January 2020

Chloe, aged 4, waited almost three years for a kidney transplant after a Wilms tumour meant both her kidneys needed removing.  In 2019, Chloe’s life was transformed when she received a kidney from a relative.

Chloe's mum, Laura said: "It impacted our whole lives. Chloe was only one when she started dialysis and it meant travelling to hospital in London four days a week and eventually, she had dialysis at home five days a week.

"Chloe was often ill and very fatigued, she couldn’t eat and had little or no energy, so we struggled to have days out as a family and her health was a severe and constant worry to myself, Chloe’s father and her older brother. As sad as it sounds, we had very little normal family life.

"All our lives have been completely transformed, there isn’t the right amount of words available to convey how grateful we are to my amazing cousin and to the NHS. To see Chloe now is utterly amazing, her true personality has shone through. She is a little girl again and has become more independent and has such an interest in enjoying life.

"We have our daughter back and my son has his sister. We are so grateful."

My cousin gave my daughter a kidney, but in doing so she also mended my broken heart.

Chloe's mum

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