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Karen and Mark’s story

Karen Piotr agreed to support the decision that her husband Mark had made to be an organ donor, after he died suddenly from a spontaneous, catastrophic brain bleed.

The couple met when they were 17 and were married for 31 years.

Karen said: "Mark was a very caring, a very compassionate man in life and his generosity and kindness had no bounds.

"He was my life for 31 years and he was my passion."

Karen and Mark had discussed organ donation several times before, so Karen knew what Mark wanted.

Through Mark’s death he helped eight people. He donated his heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, corneas and tissue.

Karen said: "It’s just an amazing feeling to think that my decision because I knew what he wanted and I’ve honoured his wishes, has gone on to help all those people."

This is the story of a couple whose decisions have saved and improved several lives.