Andrew, donated his corneas

Andrew Senior, a tax director from Stoke Newington, London died of pancreatic cancer aged 59 in 2016.

ImageHis daughter Vivien said: “Dad's cancer was one of the most aggressive tumours the specialists had ever seen, and it was two months from his diagnosis until he died.

“The doctors told us it wouldn't be safe to donate his organs but that the one thing they could safely give to a patient was his corneas.

“We had a letter to say dad's corneas had successfully been used for transplant."

"It's a miracle to us that someone somewhere has had their sight restored or saved because of dad."

“None of us knew that dying cancer patients could safely donate corneas, even if the patient is short-sighted and has a particularly aggressive spreading cancer.”

You can still be a donor if you have a medical condition. Only a healthcare professional can decide whether your organs or tissue are suitable for transplant based on your medical history. That's why we encourage everyone to become an organ donor.

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