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Families who donated their loved one's organs and/or tissue


Kirsty, helped four people

Kirsty Wilson became a lifesaving organ donor aged 20 after suffering from a severe asthma attack that she didn’t recover from. Kirsty was mother to a four month old daughter, Maisie.


Angie, mother of an organ donor

Angie’s son, Justin, died aged 21, helping five people through his organ donations. She now meets regularly with the mother of Kristof, who received Justin’s liver.


Aari, saved the lives of two children

Aari Patel was just three when he died following an accident at home.

Organ donor Jordan Walker headshot.jpg

Jordan, donated five organs

Jordan Walker, a former QPR apprentice footballer, became a lifesaving organ donor after collapsing from a sudden stroke.


Andrew, donated his wife’s organs

Andrew’s wife Leslie died aged 63 in 2016, after suffering a fatal seizure. She wrote, produced and presented shows on BBC Radio Three and Four, and was the author of four award-winning travel books and two international best-selling novels.


Rebecca, mother of a child organ donor

Rebecca’s daughter Zara tragically died 15 years ago due to pneumococcal meningitis, aged just 14 months.

Andrew Senior_300.jpg

Andrew, donated his corneas

After aggressive cancer, Andrew's family were surprised to discover that he could still be a donor. Andrew's corneas were successfully used for transplant, giving someone the gift of sight.


Karis, helped five people

Karis May Darling was just 12 when she died after contracting streptococcal A. Karis’ organs gave the gift of life to five people.


Surinder, donated five organs

In 2009 Surinder Kaur Jagdev, a healthy 60 year old, suffered a sudden brain haemorrhage after a fall. Five of her organs and tissues were donated.


Beth, helped four people

Beth donated her organs after she died suddenly in her sleep of a brain haemorrhage soon after her 21st birthday.