Anaya's story

Anaya was born prematurely with a disease that led to her having kidney, liver, lung and heart problems.

Anaya as a toddler, pictured with a nasogastric tube and smiling

Anaya was born prematurely with a disease that caused a number of health complications, including cysts on her kidneys.

Soon after she was born, her polycystic kidneys became so large that they squashed her other organs, making it hard for her to breathe.

To save Anaya’s life, her oversized kidneys were removed. Without them, she needed a gruelling 10-12 hours of dialysis every single day to keep her alive.

Following an appeal by the family, Anaya received a life-changing kidney transplant from a stranger. A lady named Surinder came forward as a living donor, and the transplant has since transformed Anaya’s life.

This complete stranger... for her to do this has just been amazing.

Anaya's mum