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What is the NHS Organ Donor Register?

The NHS Organ Donor Register is a confidential list of people who want to donate and people who do not want to donate their organs and/or tissue.

When you die, your organs could help someone else to live.

How do I join the organ donor register?

You can also join when you:

Why should I join the register?

The register is a secure database of people who have recorded a decision to donate (or not to donate) their organs and tissue.

Joining the register makes it easier for your decision to be known and respected.

When you register, it's important to tell your family and friends about your organ donation decision.

If your family is approached about you donating tissue after your death, they will be told if you had recorded a decision to donate, and if you had, your family will be asked to support this decision.

What happens when I register?

We send an organ donor card to everybody who registers to donate for the first time. 

The Organ Donor Card can be also downloaded, allowing you to share your decision instantly.

If you amend your details or re-register we don’t send you a new donor card. If you have lost your donor card and would like a replacement you can print your own organ donor card.

Alternatively, contact the Organ Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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