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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of your questions about donating your organs and tissues.

Our pdf booklet Organ and tissue donation: Your questions answered is also available to download in:



What is the NHS Organ Donor Register?

Why should I join the register? | What happens when I register? | How do I register to become an organ donor?


What is organ donation and transplantation?

How can I register to become an organ donor? | Can I donate anything whilst I am alive? | What are some of the most common transplants?


What is opt out?

How is the law changing? | What is Max and Keira's Law? | Why do we need an opt out system? | Am I losing control of what happens to my body? | I want to donate, do I still need to register? | Do you ask my family before taking my organs?

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Is organ donation permitted by my faith or beliefs?

How can I make sure that my faith and beliefs will be respected if I am an organ donor? | What is the faith and beliefs declaration on the NHS Organ Donor Register? | Do specialist nurses discuss faith and beliefs with families?


What is the Organ Donor Card?

Do I need to carry an organ donor card? | Can I download my organ donor card? | Can I get an organ donor card that reflects my faith or belief system? | What should I do if I have lost my donor card?


How is consent for organ donation established?

Do I need to tell my family and friends that I want to be an organ donor? | What if my friends or family object to my organ donation decision? | What if I have no family or relatives? | Should I include organ donation in my will?


Who can become an organ donor?

Are there any age restrictions to becoming an organ donor? | Can children join the Organ Donor Register? | Can I become an organ donor if I have existing medical conditions?

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