Better Left Unsaid

8 February 2016

On Valentine’s Day some things are better left unsaid. And some things aren’t.

This Valentine’s, NHS Blood and Transplant is hoping three short films will encourage conversations about organ donation between loved ones.

Featuring couples sharing a candle-lit meal, the three films, created with Aesop Agency, are a montage of awkward, humorous, not-so romantic conversation moments.

Each film is designed to encourage conversations about organ donation and ends with the words: Share your organ donation decision with a loved one this Valentine’s.

Ceri Rose, NHS Blood and Transplant Assistant Director Digital and Marketing said: “We’re really delighted with the films Aesop have created and hope they will make a real impact on getting more people talking about organ donation with their loved ones. The films are a different approach for us and are part of our efforts to normalise conversations about organ donation.”

The UK has one of the lowest organ donation consent rates in Europe and every day 3 people die in need of a transplant because of a shortage of donors.

To save more lives through organ donation, more people need to join the NHS Organ Donor Register and tell their families that they want to be an organ donor. When someone dies in circumstances where organ donation is possible, it is much easier for families to support an individual’s wishes if they have had a conversation about organ donation in life.

The campaign will feature on all major social media digital channels including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

“It was a challenging brief. For many people raising the subject of organ donation is not an easy thing to do. So Valentine's Day - a time spent with your loved one - is as good a time as ever!” explains Stephen Lynch, Creative Director, Aesop. “We chose a humorous approach to cut through and make the sharing of one's organ donor decision feel like a simple and easy thing to do”.

View the films and #sharethelove