Organ Donation

Living Donation

The number of people needing an organ transplant continues to increase.

The welfare and safety of all living donors is a priority. If you decide that you want to be a living donor, you will be thoroughly assessed to ensure that it is as safe as possible for you to donate.

More than 1000 people choose to donate an organ as a living donor the UK every year and the number is increasing. 96% of people donate a kidney and 4% donate part of their liver. Living donations contribute more than one third of the organs that are available for transplant every year in the UK.

You can donate to a member of your family, a friend or even someone whom you do not know. It is important that anyone who wants to be a living donor considers it very carefully - it must be the right decision for you.

The Organ Donor Register allows you to register your wishes about organ donation after your death but to be a living donor, you must contact a transplant centre directly.

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