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Partnering with NHS Blood and Transplant

If a single donor can save several lives, imagine what your organisation can do...

We form partnerships with many types and size of organisations - from local councils to national, commercial brands and household names. Although all of our partners are quite unique, they all have something in common - they all help to save lives by promoting and supporting organ donation (and sometimes blood too).

Millions of people have added their names to the NHS Organ Donor Register as a result of activity from partnerships and campaigns.

To find out more about becoming a partner, visit our partnerships page.

Key Partners


Our very first partner - the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) - is also our biggest and most active, resulting in over half a million registrations to the ODR every year.

Key to the success of the register is that people can add their name to the ODR through a tick box on the DVLA driving licence application form. Since 1993 the scheme has been used by almost 10 million people to make their wishes known.

DVLA Northern Ireland

Since 1995, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland (DVL NI) has had a tick box on the driving licence paper application form and supplies a steady source of registrations.


High street retailer Boots provide a unique opportunity on the high street for people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register. Anyone applying for a Boots Advantage Card can also join the register by ticking a box on the application form. Since the scheme started in 2000 nearly 1.4 million people have applied to join the register through the scheme.

In 2008 we opened a blood donor suite in the Boots store in Poole in Dorset to allow the town's residents to give blood locally.


Facebook users can share their decision to become an organ donor using the Timeline feature on their profile. Click here to learn more about our Facebook partnership.

Adding a Facebook 'Life Event' to your Timeline doesn't register you to the NHS Organ Donor Register but it is a great way of letting your friends and family know your decision.

Family Doctors

The form that patients complete when they register with a new doctor or GP surgery includes a tick box giving people the opportunity to join the NHS Organ Donor Register. The scheme has been running since April 1995 - and more than 4.5 million people have registered their wishes in this way.

Passport Agency

The UK Passport Agency sends an organ donation leaflet with every new passport. More than 300,000 people have chosen to leave a legacy of life in this way since the scheme was introduced in 1996.


The Department of Health have been including organ donation registration forms with their mailing of European Insurance Health Cards (EHIC) since they began this scheme in July 2005. Over 110,000 people have joined the register through this route.

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