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About NHS Blood and Transplant

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) was established as a Special Health Authority in England and Wales in October 2005 with responsibilities across the United Kingdom in relation to organ transplantation. Its remit is to provide a reliable, efficient supply of blood, organs and associated services to the NHS.

Building on the successes of the previous organisations, NHSBT was formed to achieve operational synergies and economies of scale through the merger of UK Transplant (now renamed Organ Donation and Transplantation – ODT), the National Blood Service and Bio Products Laboratory (now renamed Bio Products Laboratory Ltd and transferred to the Department of Health).

Since NHSBT was established, the organisation has maintained or improved the quality of the services delivered to patients, stabilised the rising cost of blood, and centralised a number of corporate services. Among NHSBTs responsibilities are:

  • encouraging people to donate organs, blood and tissues;
  • optimising the safety and supply of blood, organs and tissues;
  • helping to raise the quality, effectiveness and clinical outcomes of blood and transplant services;
  • providing expert advice to other NHS organisations, the Department of Health, Ministers and devolved administrations;
  • providing appropriate advice and support to health services in other countries;
  • commissioning and conducting research and development;
  • actively engaging in implementing relevant EU statutory frameworks and guidance;
  • being involved in broader international developments

Minutes of Board meetings and the dates of future meetings are available from the NHSBT website.

Enabling legislation

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