Better left unsaid

Some things are better left unsaid… but talking about organ donation isn’t one of them

Watch one of our humorous films reminding everyone that we’ve all said things to our partners, family members or friends, that we really shouldn’t have. With these films, we are sharing the message that talking about organ donation isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s essential.

"Let's talk about it" organ donation graphic

If you want to save lives by becoming an organ donor, it is vital to tell your family you want to donate. Organ donation cannot go ahead without your family’s support, so make sure they know what you want. 

Your family won’t know how you feel about organ donation, unless you talk about it. 

You can access our tips and information on starting a chat about organ donation, or share our films online to start a chat with friends and family.

Undecided about organ donation?

Here are 5 reasons to donate

  1. Organ and tissue donation saves and changes lives but there is a shortage of donors. 
  2. As a donor you could save or transform up to 9 lives
  3. Patients are dying while organs are going to waste
  4. Even if your organs can’t be used, you could still help others by donating the gift of sight 
  5. Leave your family feeling proud that you saved lives

The best way to ensure your decision is supported, is to talk to your family and join the NHS Organ Donor Register