People who have benefitted from receiving a transplant

Matthew - kidney transplant

Matthew Pietrzyk had neither of his kidneys and had been on a transplant waiting list for eight years. He finally received a kidney transplant in 2016.

Wendy and Richard Caulkin - heart transplant and lung transplant

Having both received life-saving transplants, Wendy and Richard met at the British Transplant Games in 2016 and fell in love.

Freddie - liver transplant

Four-year-old Freddie from Yorkshire received a live-changing liver transplant in 2015.

Katie - received a kidney from a stranger

Katie Ledger from Worcester spent eight years on dialysis until her life was changed by a kidney donated by a stranger.

Chris - received a kidney from a stranger

Chris took part in a donor chain and had a kidney transplant from an altruistic donor.