People who have benefitted from receiving a transplant

Angie and Erika - united by organ donation

When Angie’s son died, Erika’s son received his liver. The two families met recently. This is their powerful story.

Sadia - received a kidney

Sadia had dialysis sessions for eight hours a day seven days a week until she had a kidney transplant.

Michael - lung transplant

Michael needed a double lung transplant after being diagnosed with a rare lung condition in 2016.

Hilaria - kidney recipient

Hilaria became unwell at the age of 35 after suffering a miscarriage. After multiple organ failure she was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Cissy – a heart and kidney transplant recipient

18-year-old Cissy from Surrey received a heart from a deceased donor when she was 10 and a kidney from her mum, Jo, at the age of 12.