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Jessica, waiting for a kidney and pancreas transplant

Jessica, 30, from London was diagnosed with type one diabetes aged 13 and knows she will need a kidney and pancreas transplant in future.

ImageShe currently relies on dialysis three times a week, with hospital visits a frustrating normality. She says:

“A life on dialysis isn’t fun."

“I am now normally in hospital every 3 months with something, so I can’t really plan anything long term.

“It’s frustrating as I have a broken CV with so much time off sick; it can be difficult to get a job.”

Jessica studied illustration at university and is currently trying to launch her own illustration company. She draws to relieve the boredom of dialysis. She says:

“A transplant would significantly improve my quality of life."

“I know someone needs to die for me to have a transplant and that’s really hard, but I just think that if they can live on through me then that could be a great comfort for their family to know they didn’t die in vain.

“People like me need people like you to think about saving someone’s life by signing up.”

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