Faizan's story

Faizan is waiting for a kidney transplant. A life-changing gift.

Faizan received his first transplant at the age of three, after being born with renal failure.

He later received a living kidney donation from his dad, but sadly, this second transplant has now also started to fail.

If more donors are not found, he has only a slim chance of finding a match due to a shortage of donors from the Asian community.

When I found out I needed a transplant again I was very worried and a little bit scared, to be honest.

Every day across the UK, someone dies waiting for an organ transplant.

The law around organ donation in England has changed to help more people pass on more organs to save and improve more lives like Faizan's.

You still have a choice if you want to be an organ donor when you die.

Whatever you decide, make sure you let your family and friends know.

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