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Black History Month

During Black History Month this October we are urging black people to support their community by registering as organ donors.

Becoming an organ donor could help save and improve the lives of people from the black community in need of transplants.

Throughout the month we’ll be sharing inspirational stories and videos from people whose lives have been transformed by a transplant and the families of those who said yes to organ donation.

Hilaria's story

Hilaria AsumuHilaria Asumu, 47, from Manchester, received a kidney transplant in 2018 after being diagnosed with kidney disease.

She was told that a transplant was the only way her condition would improve, though she was warned that a shortage of donors from the black community meant that she could wait up to 10 years for a suitable match. Hilaria received a transplant after a six year wait.

Hilaria said: “I am eternally grateful to the family who had the presence of mind to remember to grant permission for their relative’s organs to be used to give a total stranger a second chance at life.

“It is a gift that will allow me to fulfil my dreams and help me see my children get married and I’m able to look after my grandchildren too.”

Do it for your community

Although many black patients are able to receive a transplant from a white donor, for many the best match will come from a donor from the same ethnic background.

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