Bone and amniotic membrane donation

Tissue donation is giving your tissues while you are alive to enhance the lives of others. Some of the tissues you can donate include:


If you are having a total hip replacement you can donate the femoral head removed during your operation to help others who need a bone graft to restore health and mobility through impaction surgery.

What it is used for

Donated bone can be used in bone grafts to restore health and mobility to many people.

How to donate

Unfortunately, you can not donate at every hospital. We work with specific hospitals in England where trained staff can discuss donation options with you.

If you are having primary hip surgery, you should:

Amniotic membrane or placental donation

Amniotic membrane is part of the placenta. It is the tissue closest to your baby while it develops in the womb. If your baby is delivered by caesarian section, you can donate the placenta at delivery.


  • protects your baby from any harm
  • has natural healing actions to help your baby develop

What it is used for

We use it in eye surgeries to help wounds heal fast.

How to donate your placenta

  • Unfortunately, you cannot donate at every hospital. Ask your nurse or midwife if this procedure takes place in their hospital.
  • We work with the maternity and NHS Cord Blood Bank staff at University College Hospital (UCH) in London
  • During your antenatal classes, our health care professional may discuss the donation option with you and ask you to complete a questionnaire to register your interest
  • We will contact you to further discuss the donation process

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