Organ Donation

Weekly Statistics

The statistics on this link show transplant activity in the UK.  Figures in brackets relate to people aged under 18 and are included in the corresponding total figure.


Monthly Statistics

The charts on this link show donation and transplantation activity in the UK, by month for the current and previous financial years.


Quarterly Statistics

These reports show donor, waiting list and transplant activity for the most recent 5 years, including the latest full quarter of the most recent year.

Updates are published mid-month in July, October, January and April.


Statistics for latest full financial year

Here is the summary of the statistics for the last financial year (2014/15)


BAME Organ Donation and Transplantation

Here is data in relation to BAME Organ Donation and Transplantation

Summary of Market Research Findings

During May and June 2013 Optimisa Research conducted market research on behalf of NHS Blood and Transplant to measure public awareness, attitudes and behaviour towards organ donation among people living in England.

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