Organ Donation


National Transplant Week 2014

Our campaign to drive awareness of the importance of organ donation.

Each year we spearhead a new campaign for one week only - raising national support for organ donation and transplantation. With the help of many other partner organisations and our hugely creative supporters on social media we have been encouraging everyone to 'Spell Out' their donation decision. It is incredibly important that friends and family know your decision to donate. A huge 95% of familes agree to donation when they know their loved one has decided to be a donor. But this drops to only 45% of families who consent if their loved one's donation decisions are not known.

For more information about Transplant Week, please visit our dedicated campaign site: The site includes downloadable materials that may be useful to you if you are planning some campaign activity of your own.

Transplant Week 2014 encouraged people to create their own #spellitout message. You can take a look at the brilliant results on our Gallery page.
You can also create a shareable Facebook post, declaring your decision to be a donor, using our Transplant Week Facebook app.

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Join NHS Organ Donor Register

To register online simply click here.

Facts about Organ Donation

  • 10,000 currently need a transplant in the UK, and three die everyday because not enough organs are available.
  • Whilst 96% of us would take an organ if we needed one, only 28% of us are on the register.
  • Simply carrying a donor card does not mean you are on the register, you need to sign up to join the database from this website.
  • Anyone can register on the NHS Organ Donor Register. Age isn't a barrier to being an organ and/or tissue donor, and nor are most medical conditions.